A review of Zuni, Greenbelt 5

The restaurant facade
As usually required by my job, I was out again for another meeting last week and my boss suggested that we hold it at Zuni, one of the supposedly cool places at the posh Greenbelt 5.

If you're not familiar with the name, the restaurant was named after a famous tribe, the Zuni Pueblo, majority of which live in New Mexico. The tribe supposedly has an impressive array of cuisines that appeal to the palate.

We made reservations three days before so it was a relief that we were quickly assisted to our designated table as soon as we arrived.

The interior was cozy and well-lighted and conducive for leisurely lunches and conversations.

It has a private function room which you can use so long as you consume at least P10,000 or more than $200.
Chateaubriand New Zealand Beef Tenderloin

You also have the option to have al fresco dining at the tables outside. This is advisable in the evening.

I instantly noticed after being seated that Zuni is a place frequented by more affluent customers. A politician was having lunch with his friends at a nearby table.

A group of elderly women, quite refined and patrician was also having their tete-a-tete. It was obviously a place to be seen.

Honestly, I wasn't all too excited because primarily, the name is unfamiliar to me but once I have come and tasted its menu, I realized that the restaurant's name was quite fitting, since its menu appeals to almost everyone.

It is a cosmopolitan restaurant that can offer the beats meat dishes, tapas, pastas and seafood at the same time.

Executive Lunch
Since it was a meeting, we kept it to the basic salads, pastas (though I didn't have one since I don't eat vegetables and the usual steaks.

I had a medium rare Chateaubriand New Zealand Beef Tenderloin while my seatmate order a packaged Executive Lunch menu which includes a salad, a main dish and a dessert.

It took about 15 minutes for our order to be served but in a fine dining restaurant, a 15-minute serving is quite satisfying.

My order wasn't exactly the best steak in town and it made me a bit disappointed since it has a price tag of P720 but it was juicy and tender enough for my taste.

My seatmate liked his order though and my boss enjoyed her grilled tuna dish and a salad named after the famous comedienne Tessie Tomas.

One positive thing about Zuni, that somehow diminished my disappointment was the fact that their servers were quite accommodating.

One even advised us to have a dessert sampler when I tried ordering a cheesecake while my officemate wanted tiramisu.

The dessert sample was quite pleasing.

Overall, my officemates liked their orders but I was a bit underwhelmed by my steak.

To be fair, I had really high expectations from Zuni and its menu, since most other restaurants in Greenbelt including Lorenzo's Way and Tapella, and Simply Thai among others,  have sufficiently satisfied by gastronomic cravings in the past

This time around, If I am going to be honest about it, I wasn't quite entertained.

Needless to say, if someone asks me to dine at Zuni again, I think I will have to weigh my options carefully and think hard, really hard whether I want to come back again.

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