Friday, August 10, 2012

An Awesome Lunch Buffet at Marriott Cafe

One of the perks of being in the public relations business is that you get to meet outside in the office a lot. You hold meetings in private conference rooms, and often, at hotel cafes. And this is one perk I truly enjoy.

Just recently, I have the pleasure of having a meeting at Marriott Cafe in Newport City and I couldn't have been more excited.

Of course, I have had meetings and/or functions at the Marriott Hotel but I never had the pleasure of trying their lunch and dinner buffets at their official cafe.

After so many lunch and dinner buffets I've had in the past, I never expected that I would be blown away by this particular one, but what do you know, I was really blown away.

First of all, I truly enjoyed their salads/appetizer section.

There were lots of garden favorites and cold cuts to choose from and this was important for the customers as they get ready for a tour de force of a meal 

And then I tried next their seafood and sushi bar which I also enjoyed. The seafood were fresh as evidenced by their sweetness. The sushi bar is definitely one of the favorites in Marriott Cafe. You can tell by looking at the long queue and the way the sushi chef keeps running out of salmon and tuna, as well as they california maki.

One of the unique offerings of Marriott Cafe is their pizza section. Other cafes and lunch buffets do not offer this particular product so I was pleasantly surprised. I am not a very big fan of pizzas myself but I thought that this could one an added come-on to those who love them. After all, Filipinos are known to be pizza lovers too.

I wanted to try every dish the cafe is offering but remember that I was having a meeting and we had to eat swiftly in between our conversations so I maximized the experience by focusing on my favorites and those of you who have been following my blog must have surmised that I love pork and beef roast, hahaha.

Aftter three servings of roast pork, I moved over to their Chinese section and I had my fill of siu mai, wantons, and chinese noodles. I was trying to watch my cholesterol level but what the heck, I did give in to my craving for peking duck as well.

After all the meats, seafood, sushi, and noodles I've had, I still wanted to have some desert but the the cafe offered too many choices. There were mallows, cakes which you can put under your chocolate fondue and they have numerous cakes in their desert ref. So I had no choice but to try many of them. I just can't help it.

And I know I was already committing a sin, hahaha, but I also enjoyed a scoop or two of my favorite gelato. I know you will understand.

 Overall, I have had one of my best lunch experiences in a long while. The fact that it was over an important meeting did not seem to deter or affect my appetite. In fact, it became a challenge to try as much selection in a limited timeframe.

For about $35, I definitely think that Marriott Cafe is one of the best buffet restaurants in town and I really mean it.

If someone offers to take me back to Marriott Cafe, i would definitely say yes.Scratch that, I think that I will have to go on my own soon. That's how much i love it.


  1. I have been here numerous times..I also loved their peking duck and deserts...However, whenever i go there they don't have pizza =\

  2. check out the fourth pic. that's where they serve the breads and they also serve pizzas. baka na miss ko lang

  3. I wanna live there! LOL The place and the food set-up reminds me of Entree here in Davao.

  4. I can spend a whole day here hmmmmmmmm

  5. the buffet got a good variety of dishes... too bad though the resto is so secretive of their cacao origin for their chocolate stuff (they got a chocolate room for their Sunday Breakfast Buffet), preventing from going to their buffet...

  6. their chocolate fountain.

  7. yup. their desert section is to die for. loved the fondue. lots of choices

  8. Lucky you! I also love the dessert section..the chocolate fountain!

  9. Excited to avail their 50% off promo this august! :)

  10. that's great guys. highly recommended for me. and ive tried a lot of hotel buffets here in Metro Manila

  11. I've always wanted to try Marriott Cafe, if only it wasn't that far from my place. But hopefully, I'll get to dine here soon :)

  12. Looking forward to dine here soon. Everything seems to be delicious! ^-^