Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Visit to Cellar de Oboza in Davao City

Without a doubt, Davao is a huge metropolitan city.

It is now very much developed that virtually anything you fancy, you can get it locally, and won't have to travel all the way to Manila.

The city is filled with modern clubs, mall and restaurants so imagine my surprise to find out that there is actually a restaurant in Davao City that dwells in an ancestral house structure, located along Rizal Street.

The Oboza ancestral house has been standing since 1929 and it is now the home of a French restaurant Claude's located on the second floor. The first floor is occupied by Cellar de Oboza.

During my last trip to Davao, I had the opportunity to dine at Cella de Oboza owned by couple Vince Arcenas and Tricie-Pengson Arcenas.

The place is just magical at night. The ancestral house setting gives instantly creates a magical ambiance and the intimate setting inside the restaurant makes it all the more romantic.

Once we were able to get a tour of the ancestral house and saw its grandeur, we couldn't help but have big expectations of the quality of food and service in Cellar de Oboza.

I for one, was familiar with another restaurant with the ancestral house setting. I am talking about Cocina de Tita Moning in San Rafael street, inside Malacanang compound.

It's still one of the best kep secrets in Manila and only the rich and famous dine there. I remember dining there, and seeing two senators, two ambassadors and the press secretary.

We were a group of Manila-based visitors attending the opening of Park Inn Davao so the restaurant arranged for a buffet setup. This worked way better because this way, we were treated to the best dishes the restaurant has to offes.

My colleagues and I specially liked the cheesesticks served as appetizers

I also loved the fish sticks with the guava marind sauce. But for the main dish, I really enjoyed the beef belly sisig. This is a new twist to the perennia; Filipino favorite dish.

All the while, we were served with exquisite wines which were imported from Argentina, if my memory serves me right.

The great food, the excellent wine and the ambiance created a very good mood and we really our visit to Cellar de Oboza.

We were under a very tight schedule but what was originally be a quick dinner, turned out to be a leisurely food trip and we just couldn't help but engage in long happy conversations.

After threehours, we finally left the place. But before we left, my colleagues and I were sure that once we come back to Davao, Cellar de Oboza will be high up in our to-go list.



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