Friday, October 11, 2013

Re-discovering Casa Verde in Cebu

By now, almost everyone who loves ribs must have heard/tried Casa Verde. This chain of restaurant is so famous for their big ribs that are easy on the pocket. 

My first Casa Verde experience was in downtown Cebu, in their original branch in Lim Tian Teng Street, Ramos town. My officemates and I were in a business trip and we just had to find out what the fuss was all about.

It turned out that Casa Verde was a ribs experience you just have to have whenever you visit Cebu or else, your trip won't be complete.

Years have passed but I still haven't gotten over my first Casa Verde moment. I heard that there will be a new branch at the Ayala UP Town Center in UP Diliman but I haven't tried it yet.

Just recently, another business engagement brought me back to the queen city of the south and there was no way in hell that I would miss the opportunity to try Casa Verde yet again. 

This time, I opted to try their branch located at the Terraces of the Ayala Mall and I was glad that I did.

The store have this cozy feel that is quite different from the homey feeling you get when you dine at their Ramos branch. While that original branch is inside an ancestral house complex, this one is located at the heart of commercial Cebu and most of the patrons are the cosmopolitan Cebuanos so you get that feeling that you're having an awesome steak while in the middle of Cebu's hustle and bustle.

The interiors were more modern and are somehow reminiscent of TGI Friday's.

But Casa Verde's main attraction are their finger-looking steak and other dishes at low low prices.

Their bestseller Brian's Ribs are sold at a mind-boggling rate of P208.

Until now, I still can't believe it even though I know that it is possible given the hordes of customers coming to dine there. (It is the same principle behind buffets and eat all-you-cans).

I would have tried more of Casa Verde's menu but I was so full that I didn't dare order anything else from the menu. Also, I had to run to attend to more business.

Indeed, my encounter with Casa Verde was one of the highlights of my Cebu trip.



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