Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Yearender: Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Ten years ago, a 22-year old kid got the surprise of his life when he received an invite to travel to Hong Kong. It was his first time to travel to the said city, and it was also his first time to travel outside of the Philippines.
His eyes were opened to the wonders of a more advanced country and its technologies. He wished that he be given more chances to see the beauty and wonder of this world.
A trip to Japan came less than a month after. Then, Singapore, then Taiwan. Then Thailand.
By that time, his wanderlust has been completely awakened. Instead of waiting for the opportunities to travel to come to his doorstep, he decided to take matters into his own hands, saved up, and booked an amazing road trip all over Indochina and the rest is history.
Fast forward ten years after, that kid is already a man, wise on  the workings and secrets of the universe.
But the burning desire to travel and explore the world has not waned one bit. In fact, it is reaching fever pitch, as conquers more and more countries.
A lot of people have asked me, “What do you get when you travel? What is it that you’re searching for ?”.
Well, to be truthful about it, during the earlier years, I was trying to find an escape. I was trying to find myself.
But so many countries have passed and I think I have realized what makes me happy, and what my role is in this world. I am no longer lost.
Having said that, I continue to travel to experience new adventures and new things the world has to offer.
I must confess. Traveling is not as easy as everyone may think.
There will be days when you wont have anyone to talk to, because everyone else is speaking a different tongue. There will be days, when the nights will be cold and you will yearn for the comfort of your parents arms.
And because I am a budget traveler, there were days when I would sleep hungry, as I try to save money to extend my trip.
But in the end, every bit of hardship and sacrifice are all worth the feeling of accomplishment you get when you step into another territory.
All sorrows go away when the universe reveals its beauty and secrets to you, one country at a time. It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle and every city you visit, gives you a piece of the puzzle.
Which makes you continue and go on searching for the remaining pieces.
When I started traveling in 2005, I made a commitment to visit at least two countries every year. I was glad that I was able to stick to it, even with all the financial complications and family drama.
This 2015, I made a giant leap and visited 13 countries, 11 of them I visited for the very first time.
It will be difficult to top this one, but it looks like 2016 will also be a great year.
Cheers to everyone and Happy Travels!!!!!
List of Countries Visited in 2015 (By Date of Visit)
  • Australia (January)
  • Germany (March)10995834_10152798942525735_8799837100183983157_n
  • Poland (April)
  • Czech Republic (April)
  • Austria (April)
  • Italy (April)
  • France (April)
  • Denmark (April)
  • Hong Kong (July)
  • Netherlands (December)
  • Belgium (December)
  • Norway (December
  • Stockholm (December)


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