Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Prayer At The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

After several connections and a lot of travel time, I finally reached my main destination: the Holy City of Jerusalem in Israel. And the first thing I visited? The Wailing Wall.
I have long been fascinated by the wailing wall. This structure separates the Jewish and Muslim quarters in the Old City of David, but it is considered holy to all.
This is where you slip a piece of paper carrying your innermost desire/wish to the Father of the Universe.  Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to touch the wall and feel the presence of God. I was hoping that once I touch it, it would answer all my questions about life, religion and other profound things.
In the days leading to my trip, I have prepared a lot of possible things I would pray for once I was finally in front of the Wall.
I considered wishing for something that would matter to a lot of people like world peace maybe, or that there be an end to famine and drought in Africa. I also considered the end of wars.
Getting to the Wailing Wall 
The Old City of David in Jerusalem is a complex and really confusing network of paths alleys that connect the Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Armenian quarters.
As discussed, the Wailing Wall or simply the western wall is located inside the Jewish quarter. The easiest way to get to the wall is by entering the Jaffa gate and traversing the labyrinth of streets and alleys inside the old city.
My advice is to arm yourself with a decent map from the information center.
Before you enter the wailing wall square, you will encounter a checkpoint and you will be searched for suspicious items and metals. There are lots of time when you should question the necessity of checkpoint. This is not one of them. Due to religious and political sensitivities, they have to conduct a thorough check of all people entering the square.
After the checkpoint, its smooth sailing from there.
Around the square, there are bible scholars everywhere. You’ll spot them easily. There is also an information booth where you can learn about the wall’s tumultuous history. You will get you white cap from the booth as well.
If you want a more subdued and quiet atmosphere, go to the wall earlier in the morning and avoid Shabbat since most tourists and Christians take the relaxed atmosphere as an opportunity to visit the place.
As I’ve said, I have dreamed of visiting the wall for so long and thought of heroic, dramatic wishes to make.
But as soon as I touched it, all my prepared script vanished into the air. The moment I touched it, I instantly fell the presence of something Holy and it reached out into my heart, making me wish what my heart ultimately desires.
I prayed for the speedy recovery of someone really important to me. I prayed that she be given more time with me and with our family. If possible, I prayed to God that she recovers speedily and gain back the confidence and courage to face life’s challenges. I prayed that she discovers her real self.
And I pray for her to be happy.


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