Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Few Things You Should Know Before Visiting Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur 
Malaysia is a dream destination for a lot of people. It is easy to see why it is on the travel bucket list for many people. I have been to the country before and I can see why people would want to visit it. Despite the awfully long queue at the airport immigration! A lot of people that aren’t native to Asia think that they won’t speak a lick of English. So that can put a lot of people off. The thing is, nearly everyone does speak English. So it is a great place to start off travel adventures. It doesn’t make it too ‘foreign’ in that way.
You can get around using English and asking the locals. On the whole, they are a lovely nation and seem happy to help in my experience. Just don’t talk too fast or go off in an in-depth conversation with them. Keep it simple and they will be able to understand and help.
You don’t need to worry about taxis or hiring a car when you are in Kuala Lumpur. The train system is amazing there. You can get a train from one of the airports and it will take you right into the heart of the city. You sometimes think that everything was built around the train system as it works so well. So when you are making a Kuala Lumpur hotel booking, choose one that has good access to a train station.
Then you can get around to the see the sights and visit all of the amazing markets. They run every couple of minutes, and they are super cheap. It makes it so easy to get around. So you can feel like you are able to fit in a lot on your trip. As you will be able to get around and see it all easily.
On that note, markets are life in Malaysia. They are so vibrant and full of life. They are great to visit for a self-esteem boost too. Want to be told you are a handsome man that needs a handsome looking watch, then they are the places to be. Be fully prepared to haggle at the markets too. The stall owners are prepared for this and will go in with a high price. It is a good idea to go for at least half of the first price they give. Then go from there until you are at a price you are happy with.
One thing that you need to do in Kuala Lumpur is to try lots of the street food. As the name suggests, it is pretty cheap but truly amazing. You get to try all of the tastes of Malaysia. If you aren’t sure what to try first, it is a good idea to ask the locals. Maybe check with the hotel staff of where you are staying of where they would advise. They will have a better idea of the places that are popular and which areas might make you feel unwell.

Enjoy your trip!

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