Saturday, July 9, 2016

7 Fun Facts About Bali You Probably Never Knew

Without a shadow of a doubt, Bali is the most famous of all Indonesian islands. It’s a place that boasts tropical beaches, breathtaking mountains, and friendly people. Those are just three of many reasons why tourists flock to the island each year!
You will have no doubt seen some pictures online of what Bali is like. But, how much do you really know about the island paradise? You should check out these seven fun facts to learn more:
  1. Bali is home to the world’s most expensive coffee
In Bali, you can buy a type of coffee called Kopi Luwak. One intriguing fact about it is you won’t be drinking a typical coffee. That’s because Kopi Luwak gets derived from undigested coffee cherry beans! They get refined from the waste material left by civet cats. Why is that type of coffee popular? Apparently, civet cats only eat the ripest coffee beans!
  1. It’s a popular destination for honeymooners
It doesn’t matter where people come from in the world. The island paradise is the top destination for newlyweds from all corners of the globe!
As a honeymooner, your journey may start in aluxury hotel in Bali. You could then explore the magic of the island with your new spouse. And let’s not forget the array of cuisines on offer for those romantic evening dinners! Of course, the only downside is you would need to leave and return home at some point!
  1. Not all beaches in Bali have beautiful white sand
You might not think it, but some of the sandybeaches on Bali is actually black! The reason for that is simple. The sand got formed from the cooled lava of the Mount Agung volcano.
  1. Seafood lovers will enjoy a veritable feast on Bali
Do you enjoy eating seafood? If so, Bali is the holiday destination for you! An astonishing fact about the island is that its waters are home to over 3,000 species of fish!
5. Bali relies heavily on tourism
As you can imagine, the scenic island of Bali attracts a plethora of visitors each year. And it’s just as well because tourism makes up 80% of the island’s GDP! Islanders have nothing to worry about for their economy. There’s no danger of people not visiting the island any time soon!
Bali Countryside
  1. Bali islanders are fluent in many languages
As you explore the island, one thing will become apparent. The locals will talk in an array of different languages and dialects. Most islanders speak Balinese, Indonesian, and English. Many will also speak other languages too.
  1. Bali’s new year starts in silence
The first day of Bali’s new calendar is Nyepi. Translating as the “day of silence”, it gets celebrated every Isakawarsa (Bali new year). For 24 hours from 6 am, light and sound must get kept to a minimum. The Hindu celebration also states that no-one is allowed out onto the streets or beaches. In fact, even Bali’s main airport closes during Nyepi!
Bali rice fields

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