Saturday, July 9, 2016

Discover Coogee Beach in Eastern Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney locals are among the luckiest folks on the planet.
The city is one of the busiest economic centers in the world the quality of life here is something that others cities could only hope to imitate and achieve.
On top of that, Sydney is blessed with gorgeous beaches that makes balancing work and chill time so easy, breezy.
Take for example, the case of Coogee beach, located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

It only takes a 20-minute bus ride from Sydney Central to enjoy the beach life and party atmosphere Coogee has to offer.
A year-round destination for locals and visitors alike, Coogee gives everyone that inimitable beach side lifestyle that makes Sydney quite popular.
Coogee is a public beach and you can swim, paddle, snorkel to your heart’s content. The waves here are mild as compared tot he rough waters of Bondi so it is not surprisingly that this beach is preferred by families and casual, average swimmers.
Like other main beaches in Sydney, there are lifeguards patroling the main beach so you can have some sort of peace of mind.
For food lovers, the streets around the Coogee and Randwick (the suburb) are teeming with bars, restaurants, souvenir shops so there will be no shortage of areas to dine and drink.
Just a note though. Sydney is generally a pricey city so everything seems expensive. The bars and restaurants near the beach are understandably expensive. Don’t fret though since there are lots of convenience stores where you can get your beer cheap.
No matter if it’s a weekday or weekend, Coogee is full of life and visitors.
One of the reasons for this is the fact that Coogee is the starting and/or endpoint of the famous 6-kilometer Coogee to Bondi Coastal Walk, one of the must-do activities whenever you visit Sydney.
This walk traverses the eastern shore of the city from Bondi to Coogee while passing the Bronte and Clovelly beaches and Gordon’s Bay.
Coogee beach is indeed of the treasures of Sydney. And if you ever have the chance to come visit the city, don’t miss the chance to take a splash in this gorgeous and picturesque beach.
A year round favourite with beach-going Sydneysiders and visitors alike, you can walk, surf, swim, snorkel, laze on the sand, shop, eat and drink here to your heart’s content.


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